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The best legal team ever!

After doing extensive research and my due diligence to find the right firm for me, Todd J Zimmer and Associates was 100% the right decision. I intially spoke with Todd who was sincere and sympathetic to my situation being I had a premature daughter and was heading into a custody battle. He said that his associate Stephanie Mathiesen would be representing me and assured me she is GREAT at what she does! I could write over and over praise for Stephanie, but for me the fact that my family and friends whom have stood by me during this difficult time have basically looked at Stephanie as a apart of my family instead of just being my lawyer. She has a passion and drive to do what is right for her clients, she has a amazing way of taking a hectic situation and pacifying it with out diminishing its seriousness. She has firey way about her and gets it DONE! She’s responds to all my emails and phone calls ASAP. All these stories and negative stigmas about attorneys are with out a doubt negated by Stephanie and the Zimmer Firm.

Justin M.


Positive Experience Throughout a Frustrating Alimony Situation

After going through mediation with my ex-wife, about two years into a four year required period of spousal maintenance circumstances with my ex-wife changed with led me to believe that my spousal maintenance requirement should be terminated. I met with Todd and explained the situation and being very knowledgeable in the case law he immediately let me know that I had grounds, but additionally performed a thorough research project to find similar cases and be sure that we had a good argument, which as it turned out we did…

Brian K.


Best switch I ever made, Great Attorney that Produced Results

I hired Mr. Zimmer about a year ago to handle my divorce case. I met with Mr. Zimmer after going through a case for two years with another attorney. At the time of my first initial consultation with Mr. Zimmer, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge on divorce matters. My previous attorney had never mentioned half the things Mr. Zimmer did that we could do for my case. I came in there with next to no money, barely being able to keep my head above water and finished a few months later feeling completely satisfied with the results. Mr. Zimmer put more effort into my case in a few months than my prior attorney did in two years!

Nikki Y.


Tough and Compassionate

Todd’s knowledge of the law, combined with his tough yet compassionate approach helped me through the most difficult time in my life. Todd and his staff were always attentive and professional and helped to guide me through the process. I was able to walk away from my divorce with what was most important to me, all thanks to Todd. I highly recommend Todd J. Zimmer & Associates.



Mr. Todd J. Zimmer is the greatest divorce attorney!

I can’t express enough how pleased I am with the services I received from Mr. Zimmer and his staff! This has by far been the most difficult period in my life. His caring demeanor and his professional staff made it so much more easier to deal with this awful period in my life. Mr. Zimmer was always there when I needed to speak with him. He took his time explaining the whole process step by step. He is such a hard worker and cares about his clients. He will fight for you and get you everything you deserve and more! I highly recommend Mr. Zimmer!

Carrie M.


Effective, helpful, caring attorney

When dealing with the many unexpected twists and turns of a divorce, you need a law firm that is able to explain it all to you. Todd Zimmer and his staff were ever ready to respond to my questions and concerns. Todd emailed me himself on several occasions after 1 in the morning just to make sure I understood the next step. He walked me through the process, helped me feel at ease, and ultimately got me everything I needed in my settlement. He has even been available to answer questions and assist me after my divorce was finalized.

Donna B.


The best legal team

After a long and difficult process, my divorce is finally over. Todd and his staff did an excellent job handling my case and resolving all the issues. I especially want to thank Todd’s associates, for their dedication and professionalism. They’re extremely talented lawyers who will fight for you and get you the best possible outcome.

Steve W.


A True Solace

I just finished my divorce case and wanted to write a well deserved review for my lawyer, Todd J. Zimmer and his exemplary staff. They are truly a unique law firm that was attentive to my every need and concern while my wife and I were going through such a difficult time. Their attention to the details of my case, and ensuring I was well looked after 24/7 was a true illustration of the dedication of Mr. Zimmer and his caring staff, who each were beyond wonderful. There are not enough good words that can describe the care and professionalism that Todd. J Zimmer and his staff provide. Thank you Todd, as well as the rest of your staff for assisting me during such a chaotic time in my life. You delivered on everything you promised me and kept me grounded throughout my case. I also appreciated that while you were tough, you showed my wife great care and respect. I told you when we first met that was important to me and you never forgot. Thank you for everything!

Sammy G.


Child Custody

I found Todd Zimmer’s law office online. After reading all the reviews, I figured that I would give him a chance. I needed his service for a custody issue. Two years later my son ran away from his mother’s house. Todd heard about it ad reached out to me in my time of need. He spread the word to all those he knew, in the search for my son. And for that I will be forever grateful. I didn’t expect that. Not only did he help in the search for my son, but he also offered me his services to help me get custody of my son back. And as of today, my son is now back home, where he belongs. thank you Todd Zimmer & Stephanie for all that you have done. I would recommend them in a blink of an eye.

Otonitel H.


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