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What do I need to get a Divorce in Suffolk County?

What you need to know to get a divorce in Suffolk County NY

Todd J. Zimmer, ESQ of Zimmer, Mathiesen & Associates, explains…

One of the questions someone that asks the first time they come in for a divorce consultation is “What do I need to get a divorce in New York?” Well, the first thing you need in New York is Grounds for divorce. We have a complex Grounds system, which in 2010 was changed in New York to become No Fault. So, we do have Grounds in New York, but we also have No Fault since 2010.

New York’s No Fault Ground is Irretrievable Breakdown, which means failure to get along for a period of 6 months. That belief of a spouse that they haven’t gotten along for 6 months is a subjective belief. As a spouse, it’s just your belief if you’re filing for the divorce that you and your spouse haven’t gotten along for a period of 6 months. Even if there is evidence to the contrary, that you have gotten along If you believe that you haven’t gotten along with your spouse for 6 months, you’re entitled to a divorce in New York state based on Grounds of Irretrievable Breakdown.

There is generally very little need for the Fault Ground because those require proof, and they do require more time and money to prove. Most people do opt to go for the No Fault Divorce in New York. Also, there’s no defense to the No Fault Ground that can’t be fought. It’s an automatic divorce leading the issues of custody and division of property to become the more “meat and potatoes” of the divorce when things have to be dealt with either at the conference table or in court.


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