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The specter of domestic violence looms as a real and grave threat for those seeking an escape from abusive relationships. Yet, amidst the urgency of seeking safety, the misuse of domestic abuse claims and restraining orders often taints divorce and custody proceedings, leaving one spouse with an unjust upper hand.

Domestic violence, a deeply troubling form of abuse, is perpetrated by family members, intimate partners, spouses, or parents of shared children. Navigating New York family court matters entangled with domestic violence is intricate and demanding. The paramount concern is your safety, along with safeguarding your legal rights every step of the way. If you’re trapped in this tumultuous journey, you can seek respite through an Order of Protection, which serves as a crucial barrier against any contact or harm from your abuser.

Empowering Through Protection

The journey to safety begins with the right legal support. Zimmer, Mathiesen & Associates stands ready to extend immediate assistance to victims of domestic violence who urgently require emergency Orders of Protection. Our skilled attorneys offer comprehensive aid, including the meticulous preparation and submission of the required Order of Protection petition to the New York Family Court.

If the Family Court Judge discerns a pattern of domestic violence, an Order of Protection can be granted, spanning a duration of two to five years. However, the path to securing this protection demands a comprehensive and well-constructed case, effectively demonstrating the occurrence of domestic violence. This process necessitates professional legal guidance to ensure your case is effectively presented and that all essential components are in place to validate the claim.

The individual against whom you file retains the right to a hearing post being served with the Order of Protection. Armed with legal representation, they may attempt to contest the allegations. In such a critical juncture, an experienced and compassionate attorney is pivotal in elevating the chance of a temporary Order of Protection transforming into a lasting shield.

Navigating the Road to Safety with Zimmer, Mathiesen & Associates

If you find yourself on the path to requesting an Order of Protection or confronting allegations of domestic violence, Zimmer, Mathiesen & Associates is here to guide you through. Our seasoned attorneys bring their knowledge and experience to your side, ensuring your rights are upheld and your safety remains paramount. Schedule a free and confidential consultation today, and let us stand as your partners in navigating the complex realm of domestic violence and family law.

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